The Z-Health Master Practitioner Program

The Z-Health Master Practitioner Program educates and certifies Z-Health practitioners beyond the standard Z-Health curriculum.

First envisioned over a decade ago, this rigorous development program has grown into a world-class learning experience that produces graduates with a level of skill and professionalism that firmly places them in the upper echelons of the health and fitness industry and the top 1% of the Z-Health community.

Z-Health Master Practitioners are unique, highly-motivated trainers, physicians, therapists, and coaches from around the world who are willing to invest tremendous resources into being the best practitioners possible.

The Specifics

The Z-Health MP Program is an intensive certification process that takes a minimum of 3 years to complete. In order to qualify as a Z-Health Master Practitioner, candidates are required to:

Complete Every Certification in the Z-Health Curriculum

  1. R-Phase
  2. I-Phase
  3. S-Phase
  4. T-Phase
  5. 9S/1: Structure
  6. 9S/2: Strength & Suppleness
  7. 9S/3: Stamina
  8. 9S/4: Speed
  9. 9S/5: Sustenance & Spirit
  10. 9S/6: Skill & Style
  11. 9S/7: The Next Evolution

Achieve a Perfect Score on Every Master Practitioner Assignment and Exam

Following the completion of the curriculum certifications, Z-Health MPs then embark on additional testing and training programs linked to each of the above certifications. The total time investment to obtain the MP certification is over 1,250 hours on average.

Pursue Ongoing Education

As leaders in their industry, Z-Health Master Practitioners generally re-attend multiple certifications each year, either in person or online, to deepen their knowledge base, improve their applied skills, and keep up to date with advances in the curriculum.


Kevin Grafen
Z-Health Master Practitioner badge

Kevin Grafen loves helping people by exploring how to make them better. His wish is that everyone realizes they can be responsible for their own health, wellbeing, and success and that improvement can be accomplished by finding the right strategy.

Kevin serves as a catalyst for change for his clients, and he supports humans from all walks of life on their journey to discover hidden possibilities.

As a sports scientist and former karate athlete, he is not only an expert at addressing common complaints like pain, muscle tension, and stress, but also at enhancing athletic performance for professional athletes in karate, soccer, tennis, and many other sports.

Based in Germany, Kevin works as part of a healthcare team with a wide focus on holistic health to offer the best possibilities for individualized needs.

Contact Kevin at [email protected] to learn more about how you can improve the quality of your life!


Donald Sweatt
Z-Health Master Practitioner badge

Donald is a graduate of University of Massachusetts Boston’s Exercise Science and Human Performance Department.

He holds certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA Weightlifting Association and USA Track & Field.

Donald has worked for over twenty years as a fitness specialist at Harvard Business School’s Tim Day Fitness Center, where he has received accolades for outstanding customer service and “going above and beyond to make each member feel welcomed and appreciated.”

When training participants, Donald keeps one of Bruce Lee’s quotes in mind:

“Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own and let it grow, be like water.”

Z-Health Master Practitioner - Basil Butcher


Basil Butcher
Z-Health Master Practitioner badge

Basil Butcher was a former National Level junior cricketer and tennis player in his native Guyana. He was a Pre-Med major in college.

He has a lifelong passion for Health and Fitness.

It was after three back injuries at his former employer FedEx; he switched careers to help himself get out of pain and enhance his sports performance in cricket.

Basil began an educational odyssey over 20 years ago training in several systems/modalities that could get people out of pain and sustain being out pain as well as enhance athletic performance.

Over the last 20 years, he has been in private practice working with pain clients who often were not getting the desired results from conventional pain management methods and athletes across several sports from elite to weekend warriors.

His motto being, “When you absolutely have to get out of pain, call me.”

Z-Health Master Practitioner - Andreas Koenings


Andreas Koenings
Z-Health Master Practitioner badge

Since my 14th birthday, I am into Basketball, which is still one of my favorite sports.

Working in the professional basketball league in Germany for several years, I am very familiar with the unique requirements and needs these high-level athletes have.

Currently, I am still training an amateur basketball team but also found a new passion, which is Golf.

Since 2013 I am a self-employed Personal-Trainer and CEO for KAN DJOH Intelligents.

Being an athlete, team manager, and trainer, I asked myself frequently:

  • How do I reach my goals faster and more efficient?
  • Why are some athletes more successful than others?
  • What´s the difference?

On my journey to become a Z-Health master practitioner, I found the answers to my questions.

The athletes I work with are thrilled by the considerable progress they achieve due to the Z-Heath approach within a concise amount of time. Besides being a Personal Trainer, I am an instructor in the fitness industry and give lectures for corporate health management.

Z-Health Master Practitioner - Steven Madama


Steven Madama
Z-Health Master Practitioner badge

Steve Madama, a Z-Health Practitioner since 2008, specializes in cutting edge neurophysiology assessment and application techniques for improving all types of performance goals.

He has 20+ years of professional experience in performance training, injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, and pain relief.

Steve offers comprehensive solutions to optimize performance by improving the function and integration of the athlete’s visual, vestibular, movement, and sensory systems.

Based in the Los Angeles Area, Steve works with a highly diverse clientele ranging from stroke and concussion rehabilitation, Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders to high-performance training and injury rehabilitation of world-class athletes.

At the core of all of Steve’s work is his innate desire to educate his clients and help them realize the power they have to change.

Z-Health Master Practitioner - Deborah Simmer


Deborah Simmer
Z-Health Master Practitioner badge

Brain-Body Integration is how I help others improve the way they move, feel, and think in their world. My clients range from elementary school children to senior citizens, presenting issues such as learning disabilities, post-stroke losses, injuries or problems with vision, balance, or movement skills. I love individualized work, as well as the opportunity to teach group classes and deliver customized presentations to various organizations and forums.

My career, academic, and competitive athletic history leads me to this work ~ to convey healing options that are non-invasive, results-oriented, and repeatable. Together, we find the “invisible” lever [neuroscience!] that taps into your natural/neural mechanisms for expanding ability and vitality. The process resembles systems analysis, where the “system” is the whole person, involving wide-ranging inputs and unique processing. My role is to discern the disruptive patterns or parts and design neurology applications to restore you to your best self. My conviction that we can create positive changes in our body’s systems is also a powerful drive to attaining your targeted goals.

In addition to the application and research depth of the Z Health Master Practitioner Program, my prior training includes courses from the Feldenkrais Institute, Laban Institute of Movement Studies, TRX, suspension training, Gyrotonic method and Touch for Health.

Please email me your questions or to set up a time to talk. [email protected]

Z-Health Master Practitioner - Tina Nielsen


Tina Nielsen
Z-Health Master Practitioner badge

Be the best version of YOU!

Tina Nielsen works as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and health educator in the health and fitness industry at SportsCenter Denmark, since 2002.

Z-Health, neuroscience and the application in training and coaching has provided her with a unique platform for assisting clients in making sustainable transformations, reducing pain, improving performance and changing body composition.

Tina also knows what it takes to be a top athlete. As a former elite level volleyball player and National certified strength and conditioning coach, she provides athletes with all the training tools to improve vision, balance and movement she would have loved to have known as a competitive volleyball player.

Today Tina applies the neuro-concepts to her own Z-smart Crossfit training – constantly improving, reaching new personal records.

She is enthusiastic and passionate about improving health and physical literacy among the people she trains, coaches and educates. With her training concept MoveBetter, she keeps a keen eye on improving the quality of group fitness training.

You can contact Tina at [email protected].

Z-Health Master Practitioner - Scott Peery


Scott Peery
Z-Health Master Practitioner badge

Let me be your change manager!

Scott, a former tennis teaching professional, has helped people reach their health, fitness and performance goals for more than 30 years. He began his ZHealth journey in 2007 and was a member of the original Master Practitioner Program in 2009, then mentored Master Practitioner candidates in 2010 & 2011.

Scott’s studies in neuroscience and beyond has given him a unique toolbox that he uses to customize each person’s program. Tools such as blood flow Restriction (BFR), intermittent hypoxic training (IHT), and heart rate variability (HRV) can help modulate your autonomic nervous system resulting in better recovery and training.

He uses brain-based movement and cognitive programs to empower clients, helping them take control of their health, fitness and pain challenges.

The following are but a few of the things he helps clients address during sessions:

  • Chronic pain
  • Mobility and Balance
  • Brain-fog and Focus
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Memory and Learning

You can contact Scott at [email protected]
Video chat sessions are available.

Z-Health Master Practitioner - Andrew Byrne


Andrew Byrne
Z-Health Master Practitioner badge

Andrew Byrne is the founder of The Singing AthleteTM, a training program that brings sports performance and neuroscience into the voice studio.  He is based in New York City, and his students have appeared in leading roles in over 75 Broadway shows.  In 2016, Andrew was the first arts envoy appointed by the U.S. State Department to the nation of Belarus, where he was the vocal coach on a Russian-language production of Next to Normal.

Guest Faculty in Musical Theatre: The University of Michigan, The Banff Centre, Shanghai Theatre Academy, The Danish Musical Theater Academy, The Danish Actors Association, American Musical Theatre Live! Paris, Collectif Sondheim (Lausanne, Switzerland) and three residencies at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia.

Regional Theatre: Sundance Theatre Lab, Yale Repertory Theatre, North Shore Music Theatre, Weston Playhouse.  Television: Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, America’s Got Talent. Film: Waiting in the Wings: The Movie Musical.

Learn more at andrewbyrne.com

Z-Health Master Practitioner - Val Wareham


Val Wareham
Z-Health Master Practitioner badge

Working as a Nurse Practitioner, I provided care for premature and critically ill newborns. From the babies in the NICU, I learned to revere the miracle and resilience of the human body.

I studied dance with my mentor, Luigi Faccuito, who rehabilitated himself after a traumatic brain injury. I continue to teach the dance technique that helped him to overcome his paralysis.

Z-Health provides a platform that marries my passion for movement and my fascination with the healing potential of the nervous system. My clients range in age from four to 84 years young. They don’t come to me to be “fixed,” but rather to develop a program specific to the needs of their nervous system. Whether the challenge is to rehabilitate after an injury, eliminate pain, or enhance performance, my clients are empowered with tools and drills to help them realize their goals.

I am also a certified Pilates instructor and teach suspension exercise classes.

My favorite quote from the Z Health curriculum comes from Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais: “Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.”

Z-Health Master Practitioner - Mette Schrøder


Mette Schrøder
Z-Health Master Practitioner badge

I am a physiotherapist with my own clinic in northern Zealand, Denmark. For the past 10 years, I have been working with Z-Health. It has helped me working with my clients as a whole individual. I let my clients know, that in order to get the best treatment, you have to take everything into consideration, even the old stuff.

I am working with a lot of different issues, that could be backpain, kneepain and headtrauma. I spend a lot of time doing scar tissue work, and I have a specialization in working with dyslexia, with great results.

My own interest in Z-Health comes from doing a variety of different sports, which is basketball, gymnastics, golf, cycling and running. I have had my share of injuries, and I know what it means to get good and fast results.

Chris Hoffmann Master Practitioner


Chris Hoffmann
Z-Health Master Practitioner badge

Chris Hoffmann comes from an extensive and diverse background as an athlete and cutting-edge trainer with over 30 years of experience. He developed some of the most complete and exciting programs in strength and conditioning today.

Working with Olympians, high-level athletes as well as the general public, Chris earned his Master’s degree from the University of Munich, Germany, and besides being a Z-Health Master Trainer holds various other certifications.

Throughout his lifelong study, Chris continues to research and implement the most effective training methods. He constantly works on improving his skills and abilities to benefit, teach and motivate you.

Chris shares his years of experience through a unique and holistic approach to design and supervise programs for those who take their training and health seriously.
While each client is unique, they all benefit through Chris’ focus, intensity and precise attention to detail.

You can contact Chris at [email protected]
Or via text-message @ 310-415-8565

Master Practitioner - Clare Harding


Clare Harding
Z-Health Master Practitioner badge

Long-standing pain is a pain. Keeps dragging our attention away from more interesting things, slows us down, disrupts our sleep – and our fun. My joy is to dig away at the causes of pain and frustration, winkle them out and away.

It takes time and commitment, but the results!!! My clients achieve results they – and others – think impossible. Also, in my early years as a trainer, clients often came in and started weeping they were so fed up with their life. None of that now! The normal sound to emerge from my gym is laughing or silent concentration. And no, I have not examined their relationship with their mother to help them cheer up. We all get happier when everything is working better.

I have been a trainer since 2000 and found Z-Health in 2010. As an experienced trainer, I match my client’s needs with my knowledge of Z-Health whilst giving them a workout. Whilst I am a qualified sports massage therapist, I much prefer to help people sort themselves out, so getting far superior results. All love the ability to reduce pain and improve performance when they need it most – on the field of work or play.

Master Practitioner Malte Hartmann


Malte Hartmann
Z-Health Master Practitioner badge

Sport in all its facets has always been an integral part of my life. First, as a youth squad athlete in tennis, later in the form of many different kind of sports (football, basketball, freeskiing, surfing, ect.), which I am still passionate about. This passion gave rise to an early interest in the question: How can the potential of human movement and performance be optimally exploited? The Z-Health curriculum in its entirety and the in-depth studies of the Master Practitioner Program gave me answers to this question.

Fortunately, my Z-Health journey started already towards the end of my master’s degree in sports science, so that I was able to understand the functional connections of the human nervous system early on in my professional career. Straight from the beginning, I therefore integrated the neurocentric approach directly into rehab and performance training with my athletes.

Since then I am really pleased that I have been able to work with many great elite sport athletes (especially from the sports of football and tennis) as well as pain patients for several years now. In the beginning of 2020 I have teamed up with Z-Health Instructor Steffen Tepel and fellow Z-Health coach Dominik Graf. We jointly founded our company INPUT1st – Neuro Athletic Training. Together we offer a brain-based training approach consistent with the individual needs of each client.

You can find more information at: www.input1st.com

Eva Scott Master Practitioner


Eva Scott
Z-Health Master Practitioner badge

Before becoming a Master Practitioner at Z-Health, Eva studied at the Sports University of Cologne and received a degree in Exercise Physiology. She pursued her passion for teaching fitness and began training clients upon graduation, both individually and in groups. She founded Eva’s Fitness in 2002, attending to her clients while participating in exercise science seminars worldwide. Now, she works in Silicon Valley, California, offering individualized training programs at her studio as well as at client homes and via online video sessions.

Offering more than just conventional training, Eva helps her clients reduce pain, rapidly improve movement quality, and reach their fitness goals by implementing a brain-based approach to performance and wellness. She trains with the philosophy that assessment and reassessment are the only way to respond to the body’s needs.

Eva specializes in:

  • Strength, flexibility, aerobic capacity
  • Weight loss
  • Pain reduction
  • Slowing brain aging

Contact Eva at [email protected] and find out more at evasfitness.com

Jessica Raaum Foster Master Practitioner


Jessica Raaum Foster
Z-Health Master Practitioner badge

Jessica Raaum Foster:

  • Award-winning singer/actress
  • Balanced Body Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Z-Health Master Practitioner

As a Neuro Performance Coach, Jessica harnesses the power of the nervous system to help her clients overcome obstacles and achieve their performance goals, whether that be moving without pain or belting the high notes from center stage.

Her course, “The Neurology of Presence” is designed for performers and presenters to help increase their “Vibrancy Factor,” a subjective, yet universally understood assessment of how much of a person’s essence, personality, and creativity is coming through in their work. Human beings are drawn to people that appear to be worthy of trust and respect. By uncovering and retraining individual neurological deficits, performers can increase their trust in their own instrument, improve their self-respect, and thereby increase their impact on the audience.

Jessica also teaches “How to Have a Body,” a course designed to introduce the fundamentals of brain-based training for optimal life experience.



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