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Episode 170: Three Rules to Get the Most out of Training

Video Highlights

- Quick recap of the previous videos.
- How to get the most from your training.
- The value of being persistent.

You’ve made it all the way to video number 5 so today we’re going to talk about getting the most out of your Z-Health training.

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All right, guys. We’ve been on a very fast journey through how to use Z-Health to maximize your results. We started off with the idea that people come to a professional for pain, to change how their body looks, to perform better at something, whether it’s sports or business or whatever, and to prevent injury going forward in your life.

From there, we said, “The way to get better at all of those things is to improve the way that you move because the body that you currently have is the body you’ve created through the way that you move.” From there, we said, “Z-Health is built on that premise which means we have to understand how movement is built and controlled.” That means we have to be experts in the nervous system. From there, we said, “Here’s how the nervous system works. It takes in input. It interprets and decides what that input means at the brain level. Then it creates movement outputs.”

From there, we said, “Z-Health trainers are experts in inputs.” We talked about this idea that your eyes can affect your feet. That your inner ear can affect everything in the body. There’s a ton of details in there that we don’t need to get into right now.

I want you to understand that what that means, at the end of the day, is that a typical Z-Health session with a trainer, they’re going to look at your eyes, they’re going to test your inner ear, they’re going to test you’re balance, they’re going to test different joints, they’re going to look at different things in your skin, in your breathing because we want to have a global view of all the different inputs that are coming in. We want to systematically eliminate the problematic ones so that you can move better and more efficiently in your life because that’s going to lead to faster, more efficient attainment of your goals.

Finally, we talked about the idea that regardless of who your trainer is, even if you’re working with me or someone that’s been doing this a long time, our primary tool is assess and reassess. Your body’s incredibly complex, which means that every time we give you an exercise, we understand that it’s a drug, which means it needs to be the right exercise at the right dose otherwise bad things can happen or nothing can happen. The easiest way to know is to constantly reassess because change happens at the speed of the nervous system. That’s what we covered so far.

Now, with all that in mind, what I want you to finish up thinking about is, “All right, if I understand all of that, how do I get the most out of my training?” I’m just going to give you three simple rules.

Number one, be curious, all right. Be curious. What I mean by that is ask questions of your trainer. If you’re delving into this whole Z-Health thing you’re going to learn a tremendous amount about how your body functions. Most importantly, the more curious you are, the more you’ll start to notice how your movement habits in your daily life effect the end result that you’re trying to achieve. Be curious, all right?

Number two, do your homework. I know it feels like you’re back in fifth grade again. One of the key things that we focus on with all of our professionals is to give very, very targeted homework. Let’s say you’re seeing again … We’ll go back to the example I used in a prior video. Let’s say you’re seeing a Z-Health professional for foot pain. You’ve got this plantar fasciitis diagnosis from your doctor. You’ve tried a bunch of different things. Nothing’s working.

Your Z-Health trainer assesses your eyes and they recognize that you’re losing some visual capacity. That’s moving your head forward. That’s changing your balance. They may give you some vision exercises to do. Now, the idea here is that there are hundreds of vision exercises. Your trainer is specifically going to try to find one or two that make the biggest difference in only how you do those. The goal here, again, is understand that anytime they ask you to do something, it’s based on a very, very targeted assessment so that we’re not wasting your time, all right? That’s key.

The third thing then is be consistent. If it’s taken you 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years to get into your current movement condition, the likelihood of it being changed overnight is relatively low. Does that happen sometimes? Absolutely. Most of us and we had to put in some work. One of the reasons that I say to be curious is that curiosity often leads to more activity.

One of the things that we found is you need to be consistent in your training. That goes without saying. I think that’s obvious to people. I wanted to make sure to remind you of that.

One of our basic rules that we always teach our professionals is, “Listen, you don’t have to be right. You have to be persistent.” What I mean by that is that it is impossible, because of the complexity of these human nervous system, to know with 100% accuracy, every single time exactly what someone needs.

If you’ve come in and you have that foot pain and we test your eyes and your eyes give you some relief but they don’t take care of everything, then maybe we have to look at your inner ear. Maybe we have to look at the nerves that are going out of your back. Sometimes it takes a little bit of effort and little bit of work to come to the correct sequence or a correct combination of things that you need to solve your problem. That is only possible when you’re consistent, you show up for your training sessions, and you do the homework, all right?

Again, hopefully, this has given you a good, brief overview of how Z-Health works. How it’s going to help you change your body most efficiently and most effectively. You have questions about any of this, talk to your trainer or you can contact us at the office. Here, we’re always happy to help and always happy to give you more information.

Hopefully what you’re taking away from this is this is a deeply designed system, a scientifically designed system, utilizing emerging neuroscience to help you achieve your goals most quickly because at the end of the day we all know we’re super busy. We want to make sure our time is well targeted and Z-Health excels at that particular process. Good luck in your training. Good luck in reaching your goals. Please let us know how we can help. Thanks.

I know your time is super valuable so thank you for watching all of these videos. If you have any questions, please talk to a Z-Health trainer or feel free to contact us. Thanks.

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