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Episode 91: Future Crime

Video Highlights

- Know what's possible so you can plan.
- Cyber crime can impact anyone and everyone.
- Discover how emerging technologies can be used against you

Hi, Z community, Dr. Cobb with you.

A lot of you, if you spend any time with me, know that I have a fairly extensive background in the personal protection arena. I spend a lot of my life teaching what is called combatives, both to civilians, and military, and law enforcement, and so I have a very intense interest and passion for helping people be safe.

You see that in the fact that I want you to be out of pain, I want you to perform well in sports, I want you to prevent injury, but there is also bad stuff that happens in the world, and I want you to be safe from that too.

I always tell people you know you take a CPR class, and a first aid class, and you learn to swim, not because you want to compete with Michael Phelps, or you want to be a doctor, but in case something happens, you want to know what to do. So along those lines, I have an opportunity to recommend to you a book by a good friend of mine. It is just releasing, and it is fantastic. The book is called, Future Crimes, and it is by a friend of mine, his name is Mark Goodman.

Mark was a street patrol officer at one point in his life, and then he helped develop the cyber crime division for a major metropolitan police department, and from there he has gone on to work as a futurist for the FBI.

Book Link (non affiliate link): http://www.futurecrimesbook.com/

He was a senior consultant with Interpol on computer crime and cyber crime, and he is just an absolute brilliant story teller number one, but he has tremendous experience on protecting your online identity, as well as understanding how computers, and everything that is emerging technologically are going to play a role in future crimes, and how to protect yourself.

So I am basically just telling you this is a great book to read, and become more aware, because really when it comes to protecting yourself, awareness is number one. You have to know what’s possible so that you can have a plan in place, and know what to do about it. So what I am going to do is put a link below this video.

Please check out the book, buy it, read it. I think you are going to find it incredibly fascinating, and if you’re interested, and you want to just have a visceral experience about how scary some of this stuff can be, in 2012 Mark was invited to do a TED Talk. If you’re familiar with those, which is a fantastic exploration of expertise around the world, and if I remember correctly, his TED Talk in 2012 was voted the scariest TED Talk of the year. Ted

Talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/marc_goodman_a_vision_of_crimes_in_the_future?language=en

It’s all about, like I said, computer crimes, cyber crime, and how that has the potential to impact all of us individually and what to do about it. We will put a link to that as well.

I hope you enjoy this. If you have any questions about the book you can let me know, but otherwise just check the link, get the book.

I think it is going to be a fantastic investment, not only of your money, but of your time.


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