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Ground-Based Breathing Flow Sequence- Episode 413

Video Highlights

- Breathing flow sequence
- Using tools to boost breathing awareness
- Three-dimensional expansion in three positions

One key idea, we’re always trying to get across when we talk about breathing is that we need to map our diaphragmatic breathing competency in different body positions.

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So today, we’re just going to go through a quick flow. You’ve probably seen this already from us before but make sure that you’re getting some kind of feedback. So in this particular case just for comfort’s sake because of this microphone, I’m going to use a band. This is a Flexvit band that’s very comfortable. I’m tying it around my abdomen. Basically at the level of the navel. I could have it higher depending on where my specific restriction is. You can also use something like the Breath Belt, which is another great tool for building awareness.

Here’s how the flow sequence is going to work. I’m going to take you through some different positions. In each position, when you’re practicing at home, you would do three to five, nice diaphragmatic breaths in through the nose out through the nose, or in through the nose, out through the mouth. Whatever is comfortable for you. I recommend that you work on both variations. All right. So here’s our basic flow sequence. We’re going to begin in a supine position. So I’m just going to lay on my back. Relax. I’m thinking about the band, taking my breath in. And the reason I’m using the band is to make sure I’m getting three-dimensional expansion. This provides me a great level of awareness. That’s really what this is all about. Right? So we do our three breaths here. Then we’re going to roll over into a prone position, get comfortable. And again, you would repeat your breath. From here, we’re going to press up and we’re going to go into basically child’s pose. So from here, I’m going to let my body fall forward. So I’m gonna get comfortable and again, breathe. As my comfort level improves obviously, I can take my arms in front of me. You can also do a variation where you focus on keeping your butt in contact with your heels. So that as you come forward, you’re actually creating a little bit more lumbar, flexion, trying to get comfortable there as you keep working on the basics of expansion of the band three-dimensionally. After we finish in that position, we’re going to come up into this kneeling position. Now, if you need to adjust your feet, or if anything is not comfortable for you, you can do this in a chair or you can use props to some kind of make this more comfortable.
So in the kneeling position, I would repeat my three breaths. Now, I’m going to add in some rotations. So I’m going to rotate my body to the left, extend my arms. Now as I’m extending my arms, I’m going to be pushing out in both directions, reaching to this wall, reaching to this wall, and I’m going to look at this hand. And I’m going to breathe, you’re going to feel some restriction. You’re then going to rotate. And look at the front hand. And you’ll do your three breaths, you’ll then switch to the opposite side, reach and repeat with each of the different head positions.

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So this is one of my very favorite little flow sequences. In the beginning to get you comfortable with the idea of three-dimensional expansion in different body positions. Obviously, there are a lot of other ways that we could work on this, but this one is fairly easy to do. It’s easy to remember. On your back, on your stomach, into a kneeling child’s pose, maybe two different positions to a kneeling position with rotations with two different head turns. That’s your sequence, all that you need to do.Grab a belt. It’ll take you probably five minutes to work through it. It feels fantastic. Just make sure you’re doing some kind of pre and post-assessment to make sure that your body resource is responding favorably.

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