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Episode 26: A little friendly competition

Video Highlights

​Hi everybody.

Dr. Eric Cobb back with you.

Hope you are having a fantastic week. If you haven’t seen this product, The Vision Gym please go on the website and check it out. But, I want you to listen to this video first because I’m not going to try to sell you on the Vision Gym. I’m going to tell you about something that we did in the office the last month that was awesome!

​What we decided to do, because we have a bunch of new staff members, is we said, “Hey, we’re going to run a contest. We are going to give away prizes to the top three winners and here’s how it’s going to work.” In late August this is what we did. We said, “We want you to choose a visual skill that you would like to improve. Maybe that’s to read fine print. Being able to not hold the menu out here. Maybe it’s to see better in the distance. Being able to track a tennis ball better. It doesn’t matter to me. I want you to pick one visual skill that you want to improve and then you have to pick a second thing that you want to improve.”

​That could be another vision test, another visual skill, or something more athletic. I want to improve my posture, my flexibility, my strength, my power, and it didn’t matter. I said, “Choose those two and we’re going to do a pre-assessment and we’re going to take a full month and I’m going to let you use the product as it stands. Then we’re going to retest you.”

​As of last Monday, we finished off our in-office Vision Gym contest. I want to tell you a little bit about the results because they were awesome, and then give you just a couple of lessons learned.

I’ve been doing this, using vision drills, for over 20 years with clients. I have seen just staggering results from people not only in improving their eyes but in improving their body through visual exercise.

​A lot of our staff is new and they haven’t had that much experience in seeing that yet. For me, this was a fantastic way to introduce them to the idea. What I want to share with you is, some of our results. Here’s what happened. We have a bunch of new staff members and so we decided, we’re not going to give them any instructions. We’re just going to give them the product. After they’ve done their initial assessments, we’re to say, “Use the product, let us know what happens. We’ll see what happens whenever we reassess.”

​I didn’t give them any specific instructions because whenever I work with athletes individually, I’m very, very detailed. I design these very specific training programs. What I really wanted to see was, “Hey, can the guys that work for us, can they just take the product out of the box, read it, watch it, and do just what we said in there and see a result?”

​We have ten people currently that went through the contest. One of them, because life happened just like our regular lives, when we’re trying to start a fitness program or anything that’s good for us, life happened to him. He says, “You know, I just can’t do it.” On his reassessment, one month later, after doing no exercises, no drills, guess what? Nothing changed. As expected.

​I was perfectly okay with that because one of the things about all of our programs is we realize they have to fit in to your daily life. We try to make them as small as possible and as easy as possible to implement but they still have to find space and time. That was okay.

​The other nine people that were involved in the contest, whenever we reassessed them last Monday, every single one of them, 100% had not just minor, but marked improvement in their test. That was awesome for me to see! We had people that improved their ability to read fine print. Not just a little bit but dramatically. We had a couple of our people in the office able to decrease their dependence on lensing. They were able to not use their glasses as much, decreased their contact use. We had others who were able to see in the distance much, much better.

​One of my favorite results, if you don’t know what a Snellen chart is, that’s the chart on the wall where you cover one eye and you try to read down. You go to the lowest line you can clearly see, and normally that’s where people get their numbers, “I have 20-20 vision in my left eye and 20-20 vision in my right eye,” or whatever. One of our staff members had 20-40 and 20-30 at 20 feet. With a month of drilling, went from 20-40 in one eye to 20-20 and from 20-30 down to 20-15, which is awesome! That is a staggering improvement and it’s very exciting!

​A couple of our other staff members because they’re involved in sports where they want to jump higher, they tested not only their vision but also their vertical jumping ability. In both cases, they both gained somewhere between two and three inches on their vertical jump. Another one of our staff members, he likes to do power lifting – he likes to pick up heavy stuff. His pre-test in August was a dead lift – his max dead lift. Then we retested him last Monday. He had not dead lifted. In other words, he hadn’t lifted weights in a month. All he did was vision exercises. Not only did he beat his previous test score, he actually hit his very heaviest lift ever just after doing a month of vision exercises.

​For me, like I said, I’ve seen this a lot, but it was incredibly cool in our after party to go through everyone’s results and watch everyone go, “Wow! That’s really, really amazing!”

I wanted to share that with you for a couple of different reasons. Number one is to say that we test our stuff. Everything in the Z-Health curriculum has been used on ourselves and experimented with clients for years to the point now that we can go listen… “This is the best the we have. We’ve honed it down. Here’s how to implement it.” That was very, very exciting for me to see.

​The second thing, as I said, is watching people just apply the product across the board based on what we’ve written and what we’ve put on DVD. Nothing more detailed than that, again we saw amazing improvements.

The third thing that was most important probably in all of this is that we had fun! We had some targeted goals. The main reason I bring that up is that, as adults, we tend to play less and focus more. One of the things we know about the brain is that when we give it a target but we approach that target playfully with some novelty built into it, that allows us to find a time in our day to participate.

​Whenever we play, we’re making our brains a little bit stronger, a little bit smarter, and we’re doing it in a way that is faster and more long lasting. I think that was also one of the huge benefits of having a competition around this.

If the Vision Gym contest in our office sparks some interest for you, here’s what I want to do. We’re going to put a link after this video to our Facebook page. On that Facebook page, we’re just going to tell you what we did, how we did it, and what the results were.

​We’ve already had a number of our trainers say, “Hey, I want to run a similar contest for my clients or for my staff.” I’ve had people from, that are not trainers that actually just work in office environments that are using the Vision Gym and creating great results but they want some moral support and a team, that have also asked us about the contest. So we’re going to give you some information about how we ran it, and I just really hope that you find it valuable and you also considered doing something similar, because the results that our staff were able to create in four weeks of training were staggering! Absolutely staggering!

​That’s one of the things I love about the Z-Health approach. We try to create shortcuts. It doesn’t mean that you don’t work, but were trying to give you the fastest, most efficacious methods possible to creating the body and life that you want. This was just a great example for us of how fast we can accomplish things.

​Again, I hope you found this interesting.

I hope you’re having a great week.

Please let us know if we can help you in any way with regards to your vision, your body, your movement, or your performance because we love seeing results.


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