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Webinar with Dr. Cobb

Headaches & Training (Food for Thought!) – Episode 445

Video Highlights

-Preview from the first module of the Brain-Based Practitioner's Guide Membership Program
-How headaches are handled in the movement world
-How understanding headaches can help your business as a movement professional

Hi, I’m Dr. Cobb of Z-Health Performance. For two decades we’ve been focused on educating world-class movement coaches, trainers, therapists, and physicians who specialize in improving pain and performance.

We are now incredibly excited to announce the next evolution in this process with the release of our newest project which has been YEARS in development:

The Brain-Based Practitioner’s Guide Professional Membership!

Today’s video is a brief excerpt from our first studio shoot on dealing with HEADACHES and it will give you some perspective on what we’ve been working on!

We hope you enjoy it and if you are a movement professional or passionate personal advocate for your own health and would like to learn more about this program, follow this link: https://zhealtheducation.com/product/bbpg/
The registration will close in ONE WEEK so if you are interested in joining, we recommend acting quickly. 

Finally, if you find this video interesting or thought-provoking please give it a thumbs-up and/or share it with a colleague or friend. Thank you!

One of the challenges or frustrations I have with the movement world in general is that we become very good at dealing with, let’s say, foot pain and knee pain and hip pain and back pain.

For some reason, in the movement world, headaches are just this thing that we often sit over here and ignore.

It’s like headaches are are their own world and you just have to get past them and then we can get back to doing the harder work of dealing with your knee or dealing with your back or improving your squat or whatever it is it we’re working on.

And what I want to strongly recommend to you in this particular introduction is that you begin reprogramming your own brain to not think about headaches that way.

As a brain-based practitioner, we are always thinking about neuroplasticity and what type of drills can I provide this client in order to rehabilitate, retrain what they’re currently experiencing.

So headache needs to be considered from the same perspective. Can we rehabilitate someone so that they don’t experience as many headaches? The general answer is yes.

We just need to understand what we’re doing and we need to have that perspective in our discussions with clients.

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So for you, if you are a movement professional, even if you come from a background of dealing with headaches through hands-on techniques, I want to make sure that as you go through the rest of this program, you’re looking at active measures that you can teach to your clients so that instead of moderating a headache or managing a headache disorder, we can begin thinking about rehabilitating a headache disorder.

To get them to the point that maybe they can discontinue medication use based off what they’re doing with their physicians.

Maybe we could dramatically decrease the number of days lost in disability.

So from a business perspective, as a movement professional, you need to take headache seriously because they are dramatically impactful.

You need to have discussions about headaches with your clients and make sure that they’re not just being set aside and ignored, but instead that they are approached as a potential target for brain-based rehabilitation.

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