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Webinar with Dr. Cobb

30 Days FREE ACCESS to Z-Health Neurofundamentals Online Material! – Episode 329

Video Highlights

- 8 hours of material.
- Visual & vestibular basics and drills.
- Respiration & motor control assessments.

Z-Health Neurofundamentals

Hi, everybody. Dr. Cobb here.

Z-Health Neurofundamentals – Why This Program?

I hope that you are healthy and safe during this crazy quarantine period, but because of the quarantine, I wanted to give you some information about a new program that we’ve been working on that I think you will find tremendously beneficial while you’re at home and you have an opportunity to dig into how the brain and body interact.

I’ve been teaching brain-based education for pain and performance for almost 20 years now, and one of the things that’s shown up in that process is that people need to have a personal experience with this information in order to really embrace it and begin blending and into what they’re already doing.

Z-Health Neurofundamentals – Accessible For Everyone

Obviously our focus has been on the professional side, working with doctors, therapists, professional coaches, sports coaches around the world.

However, we also have a huge following of people who are interested because they are dedicated athletes or they’re just trying to figure out ways to solve their own problem. And this has always been a bit of a clash for us because most of our education has always been shaped for that professional group that we work with very intensively.

So what we’ve done as a result of, like I said, everything happening around the world, is we have now developed something we called Z-Health Neurofundamentals. This is a 30 day free opportunity for you to explore brain-based training in the comfort of your own home.

If you are a professional, we offer a three day course called Essentials of Elite Performance at a really, really super deep discount because again, we want professionals to experience this.

Z-Health Neurofundamentals – What We’ve Done

So what we’ve done is we’ve taken great information out of that course as well as some information from some of our more advanced courses, and we’ve condensed them down into about an eight hour program that we’re offering for free.

This will give you an opportunity if you want to study this information, see how to apply drills, apply exercises more appropriately for your situation. It will give you a lot of the background information and background knowledge that you need to understand how to better implement the tools.

Z-Health Neurofundamentals – How To See It For Yourself

So all that you have to do to register for this is follow the link that’s provided below this video, and this is truly free. It’s 30 days. We’re not charging you. We’re not taking your credit card. We’re not asking for a subscription.

We want you to come out of this quarantine period, feeling better, moving better, feeling healthier than you have before, and we are certain that the information that we’re providing here can help be a strong part of that.

So please read the information that follows. Click on the link, get registered as quickly as you can.


What you will do is you’ll be taken to what we call Z-Health University, which is our online platform for all of our certifications and all of our students. It has hundreds of hours of video. We’re not going to give you all of that right now, but we wanted to take some of the best of the best, particularly for people who are new to this idea, new to this information and make it available to you.

Z-Health Neurofundamentals – Enjoy!

So please click on the link, sign up, start watching the videos, apply them, and make sure that you stay safe and healthy.



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