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Eye Exercises Can Change Mobility (2 Fast Exercises to Get Started)

Video Highlights

- Introducing the Pencil Push-up drill to assess and train convergence
- Connecting vision training to mobility
- Using the pencil push-up to target two different cranial nerves

Our Essentials of Elite Performance course serves as a condensed introduction to applied neurology, presenting students with the foundational neurological concepts that will carry them through the rest of the curriculum as well as a selection of high payoff assessments and drills that they can begin using right away with clients. One powerful exercise we cover in the course is an eye movement performed with a high-tech piece of equipment called a pencil.
In this video, we’re taking a look at an excerpt from our Essentials of Elite Performance course that breaks down the Pencil Push-up and demonstrates how the eyes can have an immediate impact on physical performance. Grab a pen or pencil, observe how coordinated your clients’ eyes are, and re-assess their strength or flexibility to see the broader effects!

If that is of interest to you, or you like what you see on the video, make sure to subscribe to the channel and check out all of our free resources, as well as our website where you can learn all about our educational curriculum.

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